Undergraduate Academic Advising

The Student Services Office is open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.  Advisor meetings will be in person, through Zoom, or by phone.  Please use Starfish for available appointment times.  Please see the Zoom access information below for walk-in times, and check your e-mail from your advisor for updates to availability and Zoom access information.

Saunders College recognizes the importance of providing a variety of advising and support services designed to ensure your academic success. Academic Advisors can: 

  • Support student transition into the university; provide tools to support autonomy and personal responsibility
  • Help students navigate registration, degree requirements, and program expectations
  • Focus on academic policies, procedures, and resources and how they relate to the academic success of our students
  • Support students with unique and/or special needs

Transfer Credit

If you are interested in taking a course from another institution and transferring credit back to RIT, please be sure to work with your academic advisor and review the information on the Registrar's Web site.  At  this site, read the information in the section called Transfer Credit Equivalencies.  Then you can search for courses at other institutions that have already been reviewed by RIT for transfer credit.  You can also request that RIT review courses that are not listed.

General Education Requirements

Please view your Academic Requirements in your SIS account, and you can search classes in SIS by attribute for General Education Perspectives (Artistic, Social, Scientific Principles and Natural Science Inquiry).

Advising Walk-in Hours

Walk-in times are designated for current business students to have a quick, one-on-one meeting with your advisor. Walk-ins are first-come, first-served and will generally be no longer than 15 minutes. If you feel you need more time, please schedule an appointment with your advisor through Starfish or by logging in to myCourses.

Undergraduate Walk-in Hours

Walk-ins will be either in person or through Zoom.  Please check e-mails and newsletters from your advisor for details, and when applicable please see the Zoom access information below.

Janelle's meeting ID: jdabbu1
Melissa's meeting ID: 480 2473 504
Rose's meeting ID: 983 9299 4405

Please use your RIT account and the Zoom IDs listed above when using Zoom to meet with your advisor.

For students considering a Leave of Absence, please review the University Policy and set up a meeting with your advisor to begin the process.