The Freshman Experience: Biz 1+2

What sets Saunders apart from other business schools?

As an incoming freshman at Saunders College of Business, you will embark on your business education day one, laying the foundation early for successful careers. As a Saunders student, you get an early hands-on education through a variety of applied-learning opportunities and experiences, both inside the classroom and out.

Beginning on the first day of classes, you are immediately enveloped into The Biz 1+2 Freshman Experience, an approach unique to Saunders that is designed to get incoming students’ education off to a fast start. You are enrolled into select fundamental business courses in your first year that will expose them to the central elements of entrepreneurship and provide an introduction to all the functional areas of a business. An emphasis is placed on developing a solid business foundation early on.

As a Saunders student, you will develop a solid business foundation on which to build upon and refer to throughout your business degree program.

The courses encourage an enterprising spirit being supportive of each other, and thinking critically and creatively. We were encouraged to think outside the box, no matter how crazy the idea. The classes were amazingly fun and a rich learning experience. -- Christian Rosado, New Media Marketing, Class of 2016

What is The Freshman Experience?

The Freshman Experience: Biz 1+2 jump-starts your business education by way of a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum. It provides an introduction to the fundamentals of business and serves as a valuable reference throughout your business degree program. As a student, you can expect to:

  • Develop a complete business plan from ideation to creation in their first year
  • Gain an understanding of entrepreneurship that students refer back to throughout their education
  • Work in a cohort model that facilitates active group work and team building
  • Experience small class sizes caped at 20 students allowing faculty to provide individualized attention
  • Take a “third hour” seminar for all first-year students to learn about career options and keys to success
  • Work in teams on a business simulation providing an early experience in understanding business strategy
  • Have a team of dedicated full-time faculty that work alongside our Student Services to track your progress throughout the program
  • Interact with alumni and the local business community

Whether you enter Saunders with a specific major in mind or pursue Business Exploration, Biz 1+2 is a unique approach to get off to a fast start from day one.

The Biz 1+2 program not only provided me hands-on business experience, it gave me the confidence to apply and receive a competitive internship after my first year! I was able to work at real companies while other students at other universities were just starting their business classes. -- Zachary White, Management Information Systems & New Media Marketing.

Announcing our Biz 1+2 2022 Winners!

The Freshman Experience: Biz 1+2 provides hands-on education through applied-learning opportunities in and out of the classroom. From the first day of the semester, Saunders business students are encouraged to pursue innovation and entrepreneurship.