International Business Degree

Traveling the World to Gain Critical Perspectives

Our business environment has become increasingly global. Forces outside of an organization’s traditional boundaries can have a large impact of the overall success of the firm. The international business degree, or IB, comprises all commercial transactions (private and governmental, sales, investments, logistics, and transportation) that take place between two or more nations. At Saunders College, we recognize the need for graduates to have the skills and abilities to adapt business strategies and management practices in global business environment. The international business degree provides the analytical tools and conceptual framework needed to understand the international financial, political, and economic environment, and how that environment influences a firm’s strategy and performance. The comprehensive experience recognizes and integrates advanced language study, experiential education and elective coursework covering globally-relevant topics. 

  • You have the opportunity to study abroad at RIT Croatia, RIT Dubai, or any of RIT’s other global campuses or partner institutions, without interrupting your studies.
  • International business students declare a co-major in another functional business discipline to complement the understanding and practical application of business from an international perspective.
  • Experienced international business faculty take the time to get to know you and your career goals
  • You are guaranteed real-world experience as a part of one of the oldest and largest cooperative education programs
  • The international business degree exposes you to diverse global perspectives, challenges and opportunities that impact all organizations. From banking to manufacturing firms, an increasing number of industries need professionals who understand the global business environment
  • In addition to studying international business, you will study advanced languages as a part of your coursework. Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, or Spanish, are all available to augment your studies
  • Immersion in another nation's culture, values, and business practices is the key to international business success.

As a recent graduate, you may not begin your professional career in a non-U.S. country or hold any international responsibilities, but the impact of globalization is a daily reality. A background in international business will help you become a better member of the management team at any corporation.

Recognized among the nations very best business schools

Saunders College of Business is in the top five programs in New York State, ranking #74 nationally for undergraduate business programs in the U.S. News & World Report “Best Colleges” rankings. These rankings are based upon the assessment of business school leaders and consider the quality of the programs, faculty, and facilities.

Learn about other top rankings and recognition received by programs at Saunders College and Rochester Institute of Technology.

At the intersection of business and technology

Saunders College of Business, as a college within RIT, places an emphasis on technology and innovation in every program we offer. Saunders College provides an education that offers new perspectives on the integration of technology and business on a global scale, to help you stand out.

International Business Degree Co-op Spotlights

A successful product in one country does not guarantee success in another. At Saunders College, we teach our students what it really means to have a global business.

  • Logan Lugo
    Logan Lugo, Soci-Link (Beijing)
  • Alicia Imel, Southwest Airlines Co.
  • Andre Joly
    Andre Joly, The Walt Disney Company
  • Alexander Kondulukov
    Alexander Kondulukov, Zwick
  • Kate_Ferguson
    Kate Ferguson , Farm Credit Administration
  • Carmyn A. Gomez, BMW
  • Emma-Chew
    Emma Chew, Southwest Airlines