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Technology - Business - Opportunity

Digital Business represents the impact of new technologies on business practice, products and services. The emergence of social computing and mobile devices have dramatically changed the behaviors and characteristics that lead individuals and organizations to success. Saunders College resides at the intersection of business and technology, and a minor in digital business will provide you a comprehensive understanding how new technologies and their applications can be applied and manipulated for business success.

Digital Business at a glance:

The minor consists of one required course, Building a Web Business, and 4 elective options.


Required Course
Building a Web Business
This course gives students both a conceptual and hands-on understanding of the launching of web businesses. Students will study the full process of web business creation, including domain name registration, frameworks for application creation, hosting of web applications and search engine optimization. Students will apply their knowledge by designing and building a business website that can actually make money.
Choose four of the following:
   Financing New Ventures
   Database Management Systems
   Digital Entrepreneurship
   Principles of Marketing
   Internet Marketing
   Search Engine Marketing and Analytics
   Social Media Marketing