Careers in Management

Students undergraduate Management program prepares you with the technical and interpersonal skills needed to take on high-level management positions. Some students continue on with their education through our graduate programs while others begin careers in consulting, supply chain management, hospital administration, marketing, and even starting their own ventures. Graduating students are well rounded, possessing knowledge in areas such as motivation, design thinking, negotiation, and leadership making them well suited for any industry.


  • Account Manager Account managers serve as liaisons between clients and companies. They help build stable working relationships ensuring that the account remains a source of revenue while making sure the needs of the client are met.
  • Branch Manager Branch managers oversee the day to day operations of a particular store or division of a company. Oftentimes referred to as General Managers, branch managers oversee all functions within their particular branch. Their responsibilities include hiring new employees, handling client concerns, and ensuring that their branch meets the goals and expectations of the company.
  • Financial Manager Financial Managers are tasked with helping organizations to remain profitable. They work with analysts and accountants to ensure costs are kept low and resources are directed towards the right activities to ensure profitability. They develop strategies to achieve both long and short term goals for their company.
  • Sales Manager Sales Managers are in control of the sales team within a company. They train sales specialists on the needs and "go-gets" of the company. They are responsible for ensuring all sales goals are met within the company and developing new and tenured talent within the sales team.
  • Chief Executive Officer CEOs are the heads of companies. They oversee all area functions ensuring that the company meets all social, financial, and regulatory commitments as determined by stakeholders. They develop new strategies and seek out new business opportunities to ensure the company continues to grow and remain profitable.
  • HR Manager Human Resources Managers are tasked with maintaining the company workforce. They are involved in, if not in direct control of, the hiring process for new employees. Whether directly themselves, or through a team of specialists, HR Managers screen applicants, conduct interviews, and help make the final decision on new hires. In addition to these responsibilities HR Managers are also involved in maintaining employee relations whether it is settling disputes or ensuring benefits are received.
  • Project Manager Projects managers can be found within almost any field. Their job is to ensure any assignment or project is completed accurately, on time, and within a set budget. These managers always work with a team, though their team may change depending on the project and level of expertise needed. A project manager can be compared to a branch manager or CEO, though on a much small scale.
  • Supply Chain Analyst Supply Chain Analysts work to understand and improve supply chains within an organization. They collect and compile data on the supply chains used by the organization, and develop strategies and recommendations based on the needs of the organization. They are employed within many industries and the position is seen as entry level on the career path for Supply Chain Managers.
  • Business Consultant Consultants work as either private contractors or for consulting agencies to help increase the efficiency and performance of an organization. They are brought in as fresh minds to aid in the development of new strategies and at times for their expertise in markets unfamiliar to the hiring company.
  • Financial Analyst Financial Analysts help companies make decisions on what projects and ventures to pursue. They work with accounts to compile data and determine what courses of action companies should take. This is an entry-level position on the path to financial manager.
  • Sales Specialist Sales specialists, or salespeople, sell products or services to clients. They work for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer companies. This is an entry level position within an organization and can be both commissioned or non-commissioned.

Management Outcome Data

Here you will find information regarding outcome data collected by our Office of Cooperative Education and Career Services, as well as median salaries and co-op wages for every major at RIT. You can also view RIT's Careers and Employment Trends page, which includes both Job Outlook and a summary of career outcomes for each’s year graduating class from RIT.

Management Co-op Spotlights

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