Katherine Gardner
Wednesday, May 1, 2019 - 3:18pm
Supply Chain Management

Why Supply Chain Management at RIT?

Saunders College of Business has developed an applied and interdisciplinary supply chain management (SCM) program. In SCM, students take select elective courses from Saunders or Kate Gleason College of Engineering to focus their studies on a specific area of expertise.

At RIT, students leave the SCM program ready to consult with businesses on tightening up their operations with high-quality management, inventory management, logistics and new forms of project management. They are also prepared to implement technology-based options for operational improvement. Touching every part of the business between supplier and customer, students learn to establish feedback and communication systems while fine-tuning operations.

As a part of this program, students earn their Lean Six Sigma Yellow belt certification. Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification is a 40-hour training through which students learn about lowering costs associated with production by limiting inventory carrying costs. This certification makes an attractive candidate for numerous jobs right off the bat. 

RIT students have the opportunity to diversify their learning within any of RIT's nine colleges by declaring immersions and minors. This, coupled with the Saunders business core, generates well-rounded, ready-to-go professionals with a strong knowledge base that spans many areas. Students also take part in one of the oldest and largest cooperative education programs in the country, offering them the chance to do paid work and gain real experience before they even have a degree. 

Saunders College of Business is #1 in Western NY, ranking #62 nationally for undergraduate business programs in the U.S. News & World Report “Best Colleges” rankings, moving up two places from last year.

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