(Kasey Mathews)
Wednesday, April 11, 2018 - 9:56am
Faculty Awarded Grants

Three faculty members of Saunders College of Business were awarded the Provost’s Learning Innovation Grants for 2018. Those awarded include Julie Cecchini, Clyde Eirikur Hull and Hao Zhang.

Cecchini and Hull were each awarded an Exploration Grant. Faculty members receive this grant based upon their dedication to educational innovation in order to improve student outcomes rates and their RIT experience.

Cecchini, assisted by Lyndsey McGrath, Director of RIT Global Delivery Corporation, plans to use the funds to provide an experiential approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR). She focuses much of her work abroad at RIT’s Beijing campus. The goal of her project is to create a sense of community for RIT students on the BJTU campus.

Hull will be experimenting with career strategy simulation. He notes that many students who come through his classroom doors have not thought seriously about their career plans ahead. By shifting the course outline of his Strategy class, Hull looks to create a hands-on environment in which students will be tasked with understanding the strategies and decision-making processes of CEOs and applying them to their own career.

"This is a career-oriented experience that draws on my research and two decades of teaching experience to better prepare students to make immediate and enduring contributions to organizations and the world," said Hull. "By challenging them to think about the impact they want to have on the world and to build a strategy to make that impact feasible and likely, I help them put the principles of strategy to immediate practical use.  The older version of this experience elevated student starting salaries by an average of about $3500.  I’m looking forward to seeing what the new version can do."

Zhang, an associate professor in Saunders College, was awarded an Active Learning Focus Grant. These grants are given to faculty looking to research and experiment with a new manner of teaching that would directly support an RIT priority.

Zhang plans to integrate Bloomberg terminals into financial education, bridging the gap between finance and technology. His goal is to effectively train finance students to utilize of Bloomberg terminals. Zhang notes that recent studies have shown an active learning approach to instruction tends to be more effective in ensuring students’ understanding of practical subjects than the traditional lecture method; therefore, he will use activities engaging students in learning Bloomberg terminals through individual or group work.

To view the full proposals of the 2018 Provost’s Learning Innovation Grants recipients, visit the PLIG website.