Technology Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship Careers

Throughout their degree and beyond graduation, students at RIT access experts and resources of one of the top science, technology and design universities in the nation. The applied focus of the Master of Science in Technology Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship (TIME) prepares students for in-demand careers.

Industry experts verify that the technological landscape is changing unprecedentedly fast. They need graduates who understand how to systemically assess the values of new technologies and their fitness to a specific company. They are also in need of graduates who can assist and lead new product development in entrepreneurial ways.

There is a robust demand for students who know how to lead technological changes in entrepreneurial ways. Between September 2016 and December 2018, job postings in technology management grew by 70-110%, in the northeastern USA.

The average salary for master level of technology management graduates jumps about 30% one year after graduation compared with when students enter the program. Research indicates that 75% of the graduates work in executive positions ten years after graduation.

Examples of job titles for this degree

Emerging Technology Research Specialist, Implementation Manager, Disruptive Technology Analyst, Digital Strategist, Program Manager, Technology Project Manager, Organization Change Management Program Manager, National Program Management Manager, Technical Program Manager, Accelerator Program Manager, Enterprise Program Manager, Technical Services Specialist, Technical Project Manager, Business Development Manager, Product Manager, Enterprise Project Manager

Entrepreneurship Outcome Data

Here you will find information regarding outcome data collected by our Office of Cooperative Education and Career Services, as well as median salaries for every program at RIT. You can also view RIT's Careers and Employment Trends page, which includes both Job Outlook and a summary of career outcomes for each’s year graduating class from RIT.

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MS of Technology Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship