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12 Months, 30 Credits

The curriculum for the MS in Global Supply Chain Management, which is built based on the growing market demand for Supply Chain, Global Business, and Leadership and Management Skills, prepares students for a successful career in supply chain management, planning and logistics, procurement and sourcing, and other areas.

Curriculum Resources

The latest curricula for incoming students is provided below. Current students and alumni – please visit the Office of the Registrar for a History of Course Catalogs to view and download official degree requirements pertaining to the academic year you began your degree.


Global Supply Chain Management, MS degree, typical course sequence

Course Sem. Cr. Hrs.
Operations and Supply Chain Management
Study of the management of operations and supply chain management. Encompasses both manufacturing and services. Topics include operations and supply chain strategy, ethical behavior, forecasting; work systems, inventory management, capacity and materials planning, lean operation, supply chain design and closed-loop supply chains, global operations, quality management, quality control, and quality improvement, project management; and current issues.
Supply Chain Analysis
Global Business Analytics
This course is designed to help students, regardless their backgrounds, to identify global business opportunities, possess necessary analytical skills to evaluate these opportunities, and understand the strategies to explore these opportunities to serve transnational businesses’ goals. Students will be exposed to a variety of analytical skill sets such as collecting and analyzing institutional and primary international business data, reading the multinational firm-level data and understanding how global expansion impacts firms’ bottom lines, developing foreign exchange hedging strategies, and apprehending the basic practices of international trade and foreign investment.
Export and Global Sourcing
This course is designed to teach the art and science of negotiation so that one can negotiate successfully in a variety of settings, within one's day-to-day experiences and, especially, within the broad spectrum of negotiation problems faced by managers and other professionals. Individual class sessions will explore the many ways that people think about and practice negotiation skills and strategies in a variety of contexts.
Choose one of the following:
   Graduate Project
This course is used to fulfill the graduate project requirement for the MS degree in management. The candidate must obtain approval from an appropriate faculty member to supervise the paper before registering for this course. A corporate-oriented research project designed by the candidate and his or her advisor to explore a salient management-related issue.
   Comprehensive Exam plus one additional Global Supply Chain Management Elective
Global Supply Chain Management Electives
MS GSCM Elective
Total Semester Credit Hours