Business Analytics Master of Science

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) now offers its popular Master of Science in Business Analytics program, designed for working professionals and students who reside in China. From the team behind the #3 ranked Management Information Systems program in the Saunders College of Business at RIT, this program delivers excellence at the intersection of business and technology.

Working in partnership with Beacon Education, RIT is leveraging the comprehensive teaching and learning platform designed and optimized by Beacon, in China, to provide an outstanding educational experience. The program delivers the same technology focused curriculum designed and delivered by Saunders and is backed by one of the largest technology universities in the United States. View our list of Q&As for answers to commonly asked questions.

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Analytics with the RIT Technology Edge

The degree prepares you to manage the unprecedented amounts of data businesses are creating. Gain control of Big Data to deliver powerful analytics solutions to help companies make better business decisions. Join the Master of Science in Business Analytics and learn to lead data strategy, data collection, and data visualization efforts that enhance decision making for business leaders.

Today's businesses collect an incredible amount of data from nearly every customer touch point, from point-of-sale transactions, customer service interactions, social media feedback, search engine entries, market research activities, sales data, demographic information, and more. Only a tiny portion of this data is analyzed. Be a catalyst. Turn this around. Be amazing. Increase sales, reach new customers, develop new products, and enhance the customer experience. 

Program Director

"The Business Analytics program is a natural extension of our top-ranked Management Information Systems program. This program sets up a platform spanning multiple disciplines. Employer demand has helped make this our fastest growing and largest program, attracting the world's top companies and our graduates' highest salaries. Our attention to your success has built a strong alumni network within the field, and best positions our students for placement in this booming career field."

Beacon Education announces partnership with RIT

Beacon Education, the world’s largest provider of online graduate degrees to China, is excited to announce its newest partnership with RIT, beginning with Saunders College of Business and the online MS in business analytics program.


Q&A Business Analytics with Beacon Education

1. When should I apply?

The application is now open. You may click “Apply now!” icon on this page to get more information on the application process.

2. Is the GMAT required?

The GMAT is recommended but not mandatory for programs offered with Beacon Education for applicants in China.

3. Will my degree have the word "online"?

No. As stated above, the program delivers the same technology-focused curriculum designed and delivered by Saunders and is backed by one of the largest technology universities in the United States. The diploma and transcripts are identical to those of a student who completes his or her studies on campus and will not indicate that the degree is completed online.

4. Can I get the adv. certificate in accounting & financial analytics?

Yes. The program fully supports the possibility to obtain an advanced certificate in accounting and financial analytics.

5. How fast can I complete my program?

It depends on how many courses you take each semester. Typically, a student should be able to complete the program in around 18 months.

6. What is the maximum time in which I can finish the degree program?

The program is designed for students to complete their degree in 18 months, If an extended period of time is needed, students are recommended to seek assistance from an advisor.

7. Can I access RIT resources when I am enrolled in the program?

Yes. Once you are admitted to the online program, you will have the same resources as on-campus students including students' accounts, registration status, library services, etc.

8. Can I transfer to the on-campus program after beginning online?

Enrolled students can apply to RIT before the semester starts if they want to transfer to on-campus study. RIT directly issues the I-20 and you will need to apply for your F-1 visa before you travel. Additional requirements include:

  • For the first two courses taken, student must have at least a B in each class, and at least one grade must be an A.
  • A letter of recommendation from the professors from the first two courses.
9. How should I pay for my tuition?

Tuition and fees will be facilitated by our partner, Beacon Education, who will support you through payment, enrollment, and study.

10. Is Beacon Education an agent working with RIT in China?

Beacon Education is not an agent. Beacon Education is the exclusive authorized service provider for online and hybrid degree programs for students in China.