Experiential Education

Experiential Education (a.k.a. applied learning) is part of the RIT DNA, placing an emphasis on career education and real-world experiences. Our faculty place an priority on teaching. In fact, all classes are taught by professors, not teaching assistants. A majority of our professors have industry experience that expose students to real-world examples inside and outside the classroom. Class projects often serve as resume builders while co-op jobs business plans pitched in competitions often serve as the beginning of a career and longer-term employment.

Perhaps the most important ingredient in delivering an applied education is a dynamic curriculum that has the flexibility to allow you to pursue your interests, in lockstep with your academic plans. Although our applied learning focus is most recognized through RIT expertise in delivering Cooperative Education, it embodies so many additional methods, including some of our key offerings as follows.

Capstone Courses

Capstone Courses are common component of many of our graduate programs. These allow classes to work on real-world projects for companies seeking solutions from our brightest students and faculty. Thanks to our corporate partnerships, classes receive many industry projects to choose from ensuring a good fit for meeting class objectives and student interests. Visit Capstone at Saunders for more information and examples of past capstone projects.

Saunders Consulting

In Saunders Consulting, students work in paid positions to deliver solutions for industry projects while gaining the advice and guidance of faculty experts. This gives students real-world experience outside the classroom, while companies gain the ability to pursue projects with Saunders outside of the constraints of a semester schedule. Saunders Consulting headquarters are located within RIT Venture Creations incubator, which is home to approximately 20 mid-seed stage companies advance their concepts on their way to joining the ranks of profitable, viable businesses.


Through the Albert J. Simone Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship programs and competitions put you in touch with real venture capital professionals. They offer investment opportunities and expertise through pitch sessions, mentorships, and judging at several competitions conducted throughout the year. This is also the place to find help and meet students from other RIT colleges when working on projects requiring expertise in other fields such as engineering, science, technology or arts.


Saunders Event Calendar is full of activities that expose you to speakers, networking events, and Saunders community members that attend.