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Other Certifications

Finance and accounting degrees at Saunders help prepare your for pursuing the following certifications. Learn more using the links provided below.  

Certified Management Accountant
The CMA certification is designed to measure critical accounting and financial skills in business. Those who have the certification are able to achieve advancement similar to those who hold the CPA certification. Achieving both certifications demonstrates that not only do you have a solid foundation in accounting principles and practices, but also that you have the skills necessary to achieve business growth and development. To learn more visit

Certified Financial Planner
CFA certification demonstrates your ability to advise others on short and long-term goals. It indicates that you adhere to a strict level of ethical standards, while also indicating that you have proven experience in the field of financial planning. For more information visit

Certified Internal Auditor
If you plan to become an internal auditor, the CIA certification exemplifies your adherence to a firm level of professionalism as an internal auditor. It shows that not only are you competent but that you are also credible. More information on the CIA certification can be found at