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  • Ph.D. in Marketing from University of California, Irvine, 2018
  • M.S. in Marketing from Bilkent University, Turkey, 2013
  • Akdevelioglu, D.,& Venkatesh, A. (2017). Routledge Handbook on Consumption. Routledge.
  • Akdevelioglu, D.,& Venkatesh, A. (2017). Social Media Consumer as Digital Avatar. Routledge Handbook on Consumption.
Working Paper: 
  • 2020: Akdevelioglu, D.,& Braxton, D.The Role of Social Media Publics in Customer Experience.
  • 2020: Akdevelioglu, D.,& Yucel, G.Poor but Not in Despair: An Investigation of Low-Income Consumers Coping with Poverty.
  • 2019: Akdevelioglu, D.,Wearable Technologies and Consumer Engagement in Social Media.
  • 2019: Akdevelioglu, D.,& Ruvalcaba, C.Legitimacy of Incentivized Wellness Culture.
  • 2019: Akdevelioglu, D.,& Venkatesh, A.Social Media, Social Networks and Marketing: A Cultural Approach to Strength of Ties.
  • 2019: Akdevelioglu, D.,& Venkatesh, A.Consumer Ties in Social Media Networks.
  • 2019: Akdevelioglu, D.,& Kara, S.An International Investigation of Opinion Leadership and Social Media.

Duygu Akdevelioglu

Assistant Professor
MIS, Marketing & Digital Business