Hannah Springer                                    April Otucan                                           Jessie Li

The 2021 Institute of International Auditors (IIA) Kahoot! Trivia Night concluded with a victory from RIT, Saunders’ seventh podium finish in a row. Hannah Springer '23 (accounting), April Otucan '22 (MBA in accounting), and Jessie Li '22 (accounting) volunteered to represent RIT in the event, bringing home the gold.

We briefly sat down with our victors to learn more about the IIA, Saunders’ accounting program, and their experiences! Share your story with Saunders by emailing communications@saunders.rit.edu.

Q. What is the Institute of Internal Auditors

Hannah: The Institute of Internal Auditors is a professional organization composed of many different accounting professionals. Members generally work in internal auditing, risk management, governance, internal control, information technology audit, education and security.

Q. What is the purpose of the event?

Hannah: The purpose of the event was to raise awareness for the IIA and to allow students the opportunity to network with IIA professionals and each other.

April: The IIA trivia night was a fun event where we competed with each other and with students from other schools through a Kahoot! Game.

Q. Were you chosen to participate or did you volunteer?

Hannah: We chose to participate in this event by volunteering which we heard about from our professors.

Jessie: I participated in the IIA event because I wanted to learn something about accounting that’s more than just taxes. I was also interested in an internship with the IIA last year, but I missed the deadline to apply. I mainly attended the event to learn more about the IIA before I apply for the internship this year.

Q. Did you practice with your teammates prior to the event?

Jessie: It is usually a team event, but this year it was individual, so we didn’t practice prior to the event.

Q. Was the competition difficult?

Hannah: The completion was a little difficult. Some questions were about the IIA, so I struggled with those, but some of them were on some accounting concepts I had learned in my classes, which was good.

April: I agree with Hannah that the questions about the IIA and other trivia were tougher than the accounting-related ones because our classes had prepared us for the latter.

Jessie: The questions that were about the IIA and auditing were the toughest since haven’t taken auditing[OR7]  yet. I remember one question that baffled me was “When is National Accounting Day?” It was weird because taxes are normally in the spring, but for some reason National Accounting Day is November 10!

Q. How did your classes prepare you for the event?

Hannah: My classes prepared me by teaching me the material.

Jessie: Luckily, the topics for some questions were ones we had already learned in class, such as the fraud triangle.

Q. This victory marks the seventh year in a row that RIT has won in this event. How does it feel?

Hannah: It feels good to have the victory.

April: Winning for the seventh year in a row is a testament to how RIT develops well-rounded accounting students.

Q. Are you looking forward to next year’s event?

Jessie: I enjoyed the events and hope next year will be in-person, but I am proud of RIT for winning again!

Photograph taken by Tim Hungerford '97 (finance and international business)

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