For the third year in a row, students from Saunders College have finished in the top one percent in the Capsim Capstone simulation. The Capsim Capstone simulation is a competitive management simulation in which student teams manage rival companies in an industry. Success in this simulation requires skills that Saunders College of Business professors excel at teaching, including quantitative analysis, critical thinking, teamwork, and the ability to recognize and balance the needs and interests of multiple stakeholders inside and outside the company.  

For the past three years, one team of Saunders seniors finish in the 99th percentile per year. This year, three teams of four students each have achieved such an honor: One in the Fall and two in the Spring!


Team Andrews   (Fall)

Team Chester (Spring)

Team Chester (Spring)

Lead Professor

Clyde Hull

Ezekiel Leo

Clyde Hull

Student #1

Kyle Tanzi

Michael Freeman

Param Anand

Student #2

Peter Jarvis

Jeremy Herrington

Patrick DeMay

Student #3

Lukas Wiedemann

Anna Loso

Marcus Gonzalez

Student #4

Lauryn Mattoon

Aaron Sowinski

Peijin Li

Top 1% Saunders Team rosters for 2020 – 2021 Capsim Capstone
We spoke with two members of Professor Clyde Hull’s Spring team: Param Anand ’22 (MBA in marketing), Marcus Gonzalez ’22 (accounting), and Peijin Li ’21 (finance). “We did a lot of experiments with finding optimum results with different marketing tactics like market penetration pricing and premium pricing,” Anand said. “Professor Clyde Hull was an integral part of our success,” Gonzalez said, “He provided us with lectures filled with strategies we could apply in the simulation.” “The key to success is to follow the rules, and stay committed to the project,” Li said, “everyone in my group is so detail-oriented and committed to the simulation.”

A unique feature of the Capsim Capstone is that it ranks the quality of each team’s strategic decisions against every other team in the world! With more than 2500 teams competing each year, the team that performs best in the world is recognized. If multiple teams tie by scoring in the highest possible percentile, all teams that tie are recognized.   

Despite the global pressure of the simulation, Anand, Gonzalez, and Li were not frightened. “We were never intimidated,” Anand said, “rather we were excited to learn something new.” Gonzalez added, “I was actually excited to see how I would place in a worldwide competition.. I believe in practice makes perfect,” Li said, “after going through some mock rounds, I started to have more and more confidence in becoming one of the top groups in the real simulation.”

If you want to try your hand at the simulation, then keep practicing. “The Capsim Capstone simulation can be fun and exciting, but it is also a lot of work,” Gonzalez said, “Be ready to put the time in if you want to perform well.”

Congratulations to the 12 Saunders students who ranked so highly in the Capsim Capstone. All that is left is to see is if Saunders can keep the streak alive in 2022.

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