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The Capsim Challenge is a worldwide, biannual global competition to find the best team to run a multi-million-dollar simulation company. The best businesses face off to beat the simulation, and Saunders undergraduate seniors are in on the action. The highest-ranking Saunders students for 2019-2020 were a part of Professor Luxmore’s team, placing in the 99th percentile worldwide. Team members included Ansel Amanna, Charles Li, Martina Rimac, and Kyle Terzini.

Previous successes include student teams from both Professor Hull’s and Professor Luxmore’s classes. Each year the top team from their courses are recognized on an in-building poster. Saunders would like to recognize these capstone teams' hard work and achievement and congratulate them on their successful projects!

The Capsim Challenge is part of the Senior Experience: Strategy Capstone Simulation. This capstone is a critical and integrative learning experience where students combine skills and knowledge to develop solutions for organizations.

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