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The Chinese campus of RIT and Beijing Jiaotong University welcomes the first graduates!

Rochester Institute of Technology 6/25

(Photos: Eli Liang )

Last weekend, RIT and the Beijing Jiaotong University's China Weihai Campus welcomed the first graduates! Dr. Munson, President of RIT, Professor Tu Qiang, Executive Vice President of RIT Saunders School of Business, and Dr. James Myers, Associate Dean of RIT International Education and Global Project, also came to China to witness this exciting moment!

In 2015, RIT established a joint research institute with Beijing Jiaotong University in Weihai, China, to provide undergraduate courses in Management Information Systems (MIS). The MIS program is a tradition of RIT Sanders Business School and ranks 10th in the USA USA's most popular employer management information systems program. Since 2004, RIT Sanders Business School has been ranked among the top 5% of the National Business School and one of the first business schools to be accredited by the Association of International Business Schools (AACSB).

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The RIT Weihai campus is the same as the RIT main campus. It is taught by RIT professors in English and awarded the same degree certificate. The campus has temporary and advanced teaching facilities, as well as libraries and dormitories. Students enroll in both RIT and Beijing Jiaotong University at the same time, and after the graduation, they will be bundled with Chinese and foreign double degrees. 86% of the first graduates continue their studies, and 20% of them are admitted to the top 50 universities in the world. Most of them are well-known companies such as the National Railway Group and Alibaba.

The first students who entered the school in 2015 have now officially become the first graduates of RIT Weihai Campus ^_^

RIT President David Munson spoke and welcomed recent graduates to become members of 130,000 RIT alumni. As he spoke on the main campus, he continued to encourage students to continue to innovate and serve the community.

Wang Jiaqiong , president of Beijing Jiaotong University, spoke, hoping that the students can remember two things: First, they must know how to be grateful and know how to return. The second is to learn the Minhang, knowing and doing.

Excellent graduate Zhu Xiaoyu is publishing a graduation speech on behalf of all the graduates. She was admitted to the professional intelligence of Carnegie Mellon University and continued to pursue her master's degree.

Xu Yugong, Director of Weihai Campus Management Committee and Zhang Qiusheng, Dean of School of Economics and Management, jointly awarded award certificates to outstanding graduates.

More live photos are coming! ! !

The site also carried out tree planting activities, meaning that RIT and Beijing Jiaotong University will raise and educate people and cultivate talents!

(Some photo shoots | Eli Liang )

To the graduates:

RIT Weihai Campus will always work hard, I hope that you can use knowledge to create value and the future!