Tiger House, a student-led club at BJTU Weihai, strives to reduce waste on campus, while also helping other students. Their three main activities throughout the semester include hosting a flea market, a book drive, and a reusable waste competition, called DIY Artifacts. 

Flea Market

During the second week of the semester, the club puts together a flea market to sell lightly-used goods that students can reuse for upcoming semesters. At the end of the flea market, the funds raised are partially donated to the Youth Volunteer Associate and then the rest of it is used to fund the club. 

Book Drive

Also Tiger House runs a book drive for used textbooks every semester. At the end of the semester, the student returns the book so that another student can use it the next semester. 

DIY Artifacts

Another initiative that Tiger House supports is DIY Artifacts. DIY Artifacts is a competition for students to redesign items, such as old clothes and paperboard then afterward, they sell it. Again, all the proceeds go to Youth Volunteer Associate to help the disable and cover the activity expenses. 

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