What a great opportunity for RIT Saunders College of Business, Dean dt ogilvie’s International Business Students, to visit some great companies’ Beijing operations. During this next 10 days in Beijing, the students will hear directly from people at Boeing, Walmart, Caterpillar, Lights Medical Manufacturing, software companies, several service companies and professors at Beijing Jiaotong University. Learning about doing business, in one of the most explosive and toughest economies on the planet, is a most rewarding opportunity. In addition to the talks by employees of these companies, the students will have tours of companies’ facilities, which I have always enjoyed during my supply chain career. As an expat in China for Kodak back in the 1990’s, I audited some of the newest companies and some of China’s oldest companies. I look forward to seeing these different industries, hearing of their challenges, and understanding the differences, from what I experienced.

During the SCB honor student trip to Dubai in 2012, as a volunteer faculty advisor, it was great to see students discover, explore how business was done in the UAE, and see the different culture. Dubai has some very unique buildings, and China is also building some very interesting buildings. It will be equally exciting seeing the faces of the students, as they experience the cultural of China through the sightseeing, the food, and the cultural shows.

I want to thank Dean dt’s olgilvie advisory council, for their generous donations to make this trip possible for the students. Traveling with us will be Jim Ramsey, VP at Xerox and what a great experience he is in for!

-Tom Traub, PE, CPM, LSSBB

International Adjunct Faculty

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