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Financial Aid & Scholarships

Attending college is a major decision that requires a significant investment financially as well as your time and effort. This why when applying to Saunders College of Business, you have a dedicated financial aid advisor to coach you through the many financial aid and scholarship options for you to consider.

As part of RIT, more than 13,500 RIT undergraduate and graduate students receive over $300 million dollars in financial assistance from federal, state, and institutional resources, in the form of scholarships, grants, loans, and part-time employment.

Financial Aid Resources

The RIT Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships website provides a full range of resources to assist you in planning your finances for your undergraduate education.

Please visit the RIT Student Financial Services website for specific tuition, estimated costs, and payment options. 


Scholarships are financial awards given to students. These awards typically post directly towards your tuition bill. In addition to the comprehensive plans outlined in the RIT Financial Aid and Scholarships brochure, Saunders offers several scholarships specifically for business students. If you meet the requirements, you may apply to receive additional scholarship funds. Please see the individual scholarship application forms below for requirements and information about who to contact.

complete list of RIT merit-based scholarship awards is available.

Saunders Admissions Scholarships

Saunders College of Business may award a limited number of admissions scholarships to accepted students at the time of acceptance. The awards are determined after a review of all application materials and therefore cannot be determined until you complete you application in full.

Undergraduate Saunders Merit Awards

Undergraduate Saunders College Scholarships

Eligible students may apply for Undergraduate Saunders College Scholarships after completing 12 credits at RIT. Please review these criteria that you must meet before applying:

  • A cumulative grade point average of at least 3.20.
  • Earned a minimum of 12 credit hours from Rochester Institute of Technology.
  • Be enrolled full-time in a Saunders College of Business undergraduate program.
  • PREP students are not eligible for Saunders College Scholarships.
  • Bridge students are not eligible for Saunders College Scholarships.

Submit your Saunders College Scholarship application by February 15!

Scholarships for Transfer Students

Please visit the RIT Undergraduate Admissions Office webpage for more information on Scholarships for Transfer Students.