Paid Graduate Student Employment

During the semester, students work with the faculty or professional staff member on projects, research, benchmarking, and various other tasks. Students may apply for available positions at orientation. Students receive a paycheck for the hours worked as a graduate student worker.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships are offered to full-time matriculated graduate students to serve as teaching, research, or administrative assistants. Graduate Assistants receive wages (determined by the department making the appointment) in exchange for work performed.

Student Work Positions

RIT employs many of its students in units across campus. You are encouraged to visit the Student Employment Office website to search for position openings.

Co-op & Internships

RIT is home to one of the oldest and largest cooperative education (co-op) programs in the world. Internships and cooperative education or "co-ops" are optional for MBA students. Co-ops give MBA and MS students an opportunity to hold a paid position for three to six months. No academic credit is granted, but formal recording of the co-op experience is made on the student's transcript. Dedicated Career Services Advisors are available to assist you in seeking paid co-op positions, or for more information about internships and co-ops, please visit the Office of Co-op & Career Services homepage.

Your Dedicated Career Advisor

Assistant Director for International Student Career Services