INNOVATE.PDF: Women in Business at RIT

Women In Business at Saunders

RIT’s Saunders College helps to meet the growing demand for women in business disciplines. Saunders history includes three women deans, beginning with the naming of our first dean Edwina Hogadone. She was the first woman in the nation named dean of a college of business. Throughout her 10 year term, she was the only woman dean of a College of Business in the nation. Today Saunders is led by Jacqueline R. Mozrall, advancing our leadership position in business + technology, coming to Saunders after 20 years in Engineering, most recently as associate dean.

At RIT and at Saunders you will find this commitment to women leadership through initiative such as:

For more information on Saunders women faculty members and student profiles, please view our Women In Business Brochure.