Saunders Undergraduate Programs

Welcome to Saunders College of Business Undergraduate Programs at Rochester Institute of Technology. Our programs feature an applied focus delivering real-world experiences in the classroom, on campus, and beyond. Experiential learning and cooperative education are formally integrated into the curriculum. Employers value this approach as evidenced by our high outcomes rate

Saunders College of Business provides different academic options for leading business training and career development, and is accredited by Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International (AACSB), the premier accreditation organization for business schools. In-demand majors, as well as double majors, minors and immersions, give students unique opportunities to develop depth-of-field and complementary business practice to provide immediate value to any organization.

Accelerated 4+1 MBA Pathway

Undergraduate students can get a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in one year after completing an undergraduate degree. Students may apply to get conditionally accepted before entering as first-year students, or after their second or third year at RIT or RIT partner schools. Learn more today!

Make it your own

Saunders College and RIT offer countless opportunities for discovery, no matter what your interests. Free electives allow you to take courses in any of the nine RIT colleges and explore programs and activities that allow you to customize your education to achieve your career goals.

Undergraduate Majors

Eleven business majors and minors, plus a Business Exploration option, are available to provide the skills and ability for graduates to differentiate themselves successfully within a crowded job market. 

Accounting (BS/MS available)
Accounting Technology for business insights and consulting
Become a key player in any industry while meeting CPA Exam requirements.

The world's financial markets are globally integrated

Master the financial and analytic tools to generate insights and boost profits.

Hospitality & Tourism Management
Recognized excellence in hospitality worldwide

Experience hospitality facilities and 4 Global Campuses for top quality service management.

Global Business Management
Cultivate leadership and deploy resources efficiently

Gain operational, organizational and interpersonal skills to lead businesses.

Management Information Systems
Leveraging people, technology and processes to improve and transform business operations

MIS emphasizes strategic-decision making to help businesses operate effectively and efficiently.

Connecting products and customers in a digital age

Utilizing communications, analytics and technologies to maximize brand value.

Supply Chain Management
Where business meets engineering

Managing the flow of goods and services around the world.

Undergraduate Minors

A minor may be related to and complement your major, or it may be in a completely different academic/professional area of your interest. Minors and immersions are available at all nine RIT colleges and are designed to offer integrative learning and interdisciplinary experiences so you can pursue interests outside of business.

Saunders offers 14 business minors.

Nationally ranked cooperative education
One of the oldest and largest cooperative education programs, you will have full-time, real-world working experience before you graduate.

Discovery: Business Exploration and Year-One
If you have an interest in business but are unsure which major to choose, Business Exploration and The Freshman Experience: Biz 1+2 provide a foundation for all business students. Take your time while you identify the major you wish to pursue. 

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