Your Faculty Advisor 

Your faculty advisor serves as an important resource that can provide industry insights and career advice. You will receive a faculty advisor as soon as you are enrolled in Saunders College of Business. When you are enrolled in The Freshman Experience: Biz 1+2 courses in your first year, your faculty advisor is your Business 1: Ideas and Business Planning instructor.

Meet your first-year advisors

Director of The Leadership Academy at Saunders
Senior Lecturer
(585) 475-6017


As you enter your second year, you will receive a faculty advisor dedicated to your program of study. A faculty advisor is available to answer questions about courses for their major and possible electives, as well as aid in the co-op process, career assessment and planning parts of a student's collegiate life. If you need to find out who your advisor is, feel free to stop by Saunders Student Services Office.

Student success is our mission

Faculty advisors can help set your up for career success. They can:

  • Serve as an excellent resource for networking within your desired industry
  • Help evaluate your skills and ensure they are aligned with what is required in the field
  • Discuss your career goals and share insights into industry trends


Faculty advisors are experts in their academic discipline, having taught, worked, researched and published in their field – they’re good resources to know.