From concept to commercialization

The spring semester culminates with final business plan presentations to seasoned business leaders

From day one, Saunders College first-year students jump head-first into their business education. The core courses, including The Freshman Experience: Biz 1+2 class, introduce fundamental business concepts to all students. Business plan ideation and conceptualization in the first semester educates on central elements of entrepreneurship, and exposes students to the vast resources available on campus. At the close of the spring semester, you will walk away with a breadth of business understanding and experience pitching new business commercialization plans to a panel of alumni and judges.

Student teams continue to work together into Biz 2 in the second semester. Utilizing your entrepreneurial skills, you will generate business ideas and develop a commercialization plan and present it to a panel of judges to receive practical, real-world advice; knowledge that only comes from experienced entrepreneurs. The judging panel consists of several Saunders alumni who relish returning to campus to share their knowledge with the next generation of Saunders students.

Recent Saunders alumni and Biz 1+2 judges have varied educational and work histories, but have a focus on entrepreneurship and business growth:

Steve Cutrona, MBA '92: Senior VP Sales at Salient Management Company

Patrick Benz, Business Hospitality '84: Principal, RFP Advisors

Michael Crowley: Consultant and Entrepreneur

Marco DiPasquale, Finance '83: Client Director at Optiv, a cyber-security start-up

Chris Chamot, '09 : VP and General Manager, AJK Enterprises Inc.

Rob Giacchetti, Finance '92: Managing Partner at The Avanti Group

Gary Schwingel, Finance '91: CFO of Genesee Regional Bank

Alan Cohen, MBA '78: Independent consultant at Fair Winds Group

Kate Jacus, EMBA '09: Director of Marketing & Communications, Harley School

Terry Doherty, '70: Co-Founder of Robert George Sales