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What is New Media Marketing?

Have you ever wondered why all the Facebook advertisements seem to know exactly what your interests are? As one of the first programs of its kind, new media marketing prepares you to stay one step ahead in the digital era. It goes beyond simple advertising and into areas such as web design, content generation, social media, and search engine marketing through the study of analytics, visualization, copywriting, strategy, planning, and execution. The field is always expanding as companies must continually find new ways to engage and interact with their audience. As an expert in new media marketing strategy, you will develop the skills to create digital strategies to help organizations better reach and engage online audiences.








New Media Marketing Co-op Spotlights

As one of the first programs of its kind, the New Media Marketing program is designed to provide a unique education for students interested in the constantly changing world of internet marketing.

  • Gurleen Waraich
    Gurleen Waraich, LaFayette 148 New York
  • Alia Abid
    Alia Abid, University of Rochester Medical Center
  • Mila Le
    Mila Le, Wegmans Food Markets Inc.
  • Zak Walters
    Zak Walters, 36Software
  • Taner Tozan
    Taner Tozan, Intuit
  • Shannon Ryan
    Shannon Ryan, TBC Corporation
  • Zachary
    Zachary White, Intuit
  • Emma Rogers
    Emma Rogers, Partners + Napier
  • Allison Shaw, Champion Academy
  • Alison Schermerhorn
    Alison Schermerhorn, Southwest Airlines
  • Jayson Edwards Headshot
    Jayson Edwards , Xylem
  • Adrianna-Wellin
    Adrianna Wellin, Dixon Schwabl