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Careers in Marketing

Career opportunities are widespread for New Media Marketing graduates. You can find a rewarding creative, analytical, or management role that will require a variety of skills in a multitude of industries. The program prepares you for a career that involves the design, development, and execution of marketing strategies in an online environment. In the New Media Marketing program, you will accumulate critical business acumen and soft skills in such essential areas as communication, leadership, business analysis, and project management. As a graduate, you are well prepared to enter the challenging world of online marketing.

  • Blogger/Copywriter Bloggers and copywriter are usually two different people and the blogger can fall under the category of copywriter. What these individuals is to create online content. Whether it is hosting a blog (blogger) or posting to the company facebook or writing contents for online advertisements, copywriters create the interaction between company and audience. The position usually involves a substantial amount writing (hence the name "copy-writer") and positions can be found in almost any industry that maintains a web presence.
  • Social Media Manager Social Media Managers essentially control all social media endeavors within an organization. They oversee company Facebooks, Twitters, and the such as well as aiding in the implementation of campaigns run along their social media channels. The position is similar to that of a brand ambassador and project manager, with an emphasis on management. They work closely with the actual Digital Project Manager and the likes of the copywriters within a company.
  • Online Community Manager Online Community Managers are a specific breed of social media manager. They moderate and lead the online conversation for a company or a brand. They provide a voice similarly to how a copywriter does but they also have more interaction directly with the audience whether by asking questions, acting as a customer service liaison via twitter, simply moderating a forum.
  • PR Manager The Public Relations (PR for short) Manager oversees brand or company image. They work ensure that the company is associated with a positive image in the mind of the consumer. They work together wit social media specialists and pr specialists to create content that provides the right voice for the company. In times of brand crisis they are the go to person for aversion and remedy.
  • Search Engine Marketing Analyst Search Engine Marketing Specialists are charged with achieving high ranks on the likes of Google, Bing, and Baidu. While they cannot guarantee a company will ever achieve a #1 ranking they can ensure the right steps are taken to help a company rank high. They work behind the scenes, ensuring websites are properly coded and that content is meaningful.
  • Digital Account Manager Digital Account Managers work directly with clients in determining their needs in the digital realm. They act as a liaison between the client and the creative departments, ensuring that all digital work created serves the intended purpose for the client.
  • Digital Project Manager Digital Project Managers work directly with the creative department ensuring that all creative solutions correspond with the needs of the client. They are the one side to the coin client and creative relationship, the other half being the Digital Account Manager.
  • Pay Per Click Specialist The PPC Specialist helps with directing traffic to the company site. They work with copywriters to ensure all ad content works influencing the user to click on an ad. They can work directly with companies like Google to purchase ad space, work under Digital Project Managers.

New Media Marketing Program Placement Data

Here you will find information regarding placement data collected by our Office of Cooperative Education and Career Services, as well as median salaries and co-op wages for every major at RIT. You can also view RIT's Careers and Employment Trends page, which includes both Job Outlook and a summary of career outcomes for each’s year graduating class from RIT.

New Media Marketing Co-op Spotlights

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For more information on New Media Marketing co-ops and job resources, please contact your Career Counselor in the Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education.