What is Marketing?

Marketing is a form of communication between you and your customers with the goal of selling your product or service to them. Communicating the value of your product or service is a key aspect of successful marketing. While the role of marketing is complex, there are three pivotal points that serve as a compass:

  • Understand your customer through research to gain deep and profound insights into buyers and customers
  • Identify the specific goals and needs of customers and to guide the creation of products or services to fulfill them
  • Build trust, communicate and provide information, enabling buyers and customers to make informed decisions in such a way that the product or service sells itself.

At Saunders, you will gain a solid understanding of business activities under the marketing umbrella, which encompasses learning how to identify and select target markets, the development, placement and promotion of goods and services, and the management of relationships among business partners and their customers, and how to analyze the successfulness of your marketing campaigns. In addition, students study business-consumer relationships from many angles including advertising, internet marketing, search engine analytics and buyer behavior.








Marketing Co-op Spotlights

As a graduate, you will have an understand consumer behavior, calculate pricing on both cost and profit based approaches, and analyze a company's marketing strategy.

  • Catherine Kaucic
    Catherine Kaucic, Black Box Guest Intelligence
  • Simran Makker
    Simran Makker, Mob Action Games LLC.
  • Paola Gonzalez
    Paola Gonzalez, International Tea Importers
  • Emma Rogers
    Emma Rogers, Partners + Napier
  • Gurleen Waraich
    Gurleen Waraich, LaFayette 148 New York
  • Alia Abid
    Alia Abid, University of Rochester Medical Center
  • Mila Le
    Mila Le, Wegmans Food Markets Inc.
  • Zak Walters
    Zak Walters, 36Software
  • Taner Tozan
    Taner Tozan, Intuit
  • Shannon Ryan
    Shannon Ryan, TBC Corporation
  • Zachary
    Zachary White, Intuit
  • Jason Karol, RIT
  • Alison Schermerhorn
    Alison Schermerhorn, Southwest Airlines
  • Sharon Corcoran, Northwestern Mutual
  • Allison Shaw, Champion Academy
  • Jayson Edwards Headshot
    Jayson Edwards , Xylem
  • Amelia Sykes
    Amelia Sykes, greyhealth group
  • Adrianna-Wellin
    Adrianna Wellin, Dixon Schwabl
  • Larry-Williams
    Larry Williams III, Wegmans Food Markets Inc.
  • Isabella Wojnovich, Wegmans Food Markets Inc.
  • Param Anand, ABB
  • Kerl English photo
    Karl English, L'Oréal USA