Careers in Marketing

A career in marketing can take you in a number of different directions, depending on your interests. You will find that there are many opportunities focused on creating value for target markets and communicating that value to the customers. People often think marketing is only about advertising and marketing communications, but it is made up of much more. Marketers are responsible for understanding customer needs, creating new products and services that meet those needs, deciding how and where to sell the product and then following up with customers to make sure they were satisfied. Marketing is an ever-evolving field – as the marketplace and communication channels change, marketing efforts adapt to meet the demands of the consumer.

  • Director of Advertising/Public Relations The directors of advertising and/or public relations are typically two different people with similar responsibilities for their individual departments. The director is responsible for all advertising or public relations activities except sales. The director will control the entire advertising or public relations campaign including budgeting, planning, coordinating creation, and production of the process.
  • Brand Manager Brand managers are responsible for the overall performance of their brands, which includes managing and developing their brand's profit and loss, image and positioning in relation to their competitors. They are the key persons to plan, develop and implement marketing initiatives and activities for their brands or products.
  • Copywriter/Illustrator/Creative These advertising individuals provide the creative services that write and illustrate the advertising. These individuals write copy, design body copy, design headlines, and draw the ad storyboard, and may become involved with the actual creation of the advertisement.
  • Public Relations Specialist The public relations specialist is responsible for determining and evaluating public attitudes and communicating programs designed to bring about public acceptance of an organization. They manage the public relations of an organization. The public relations specialist may be in-house or a part of an agency.
  • Advertising Account Executive The account executive is responsible for all aspects of the account. He or she is responsible for understanding the advertising needs of the customer and sharing the needs to other agency personnel. The account executive coordinates the planning, creating, production, and implementation of the campaign.
  • Media Traffic $83,359 The media traffic planner analyzes, selects and contracts for space or time in the various media that will be used in the campaign. The traffic individual must be knowledgeable on the advantages and disadvantages of each of the media and the demographics that they reach.
  • Advertising Media Planner Advertising Media Planners determine the right mix of television, radio, newspaper, magazine and other media in support of the advertising campaign.
  • Product Manager A Product Manager guides a team charged with a managing a product through its life cycle, from inception to elimination. Responsibilities include increasing the profitability of existing products to developing new products for the company. They build products from existing ideas, and help to develop new ideas based on their industry experience and contact with customers and prospects. Product Managers possess a unique blend of business and technical savvy; a big-picture vision, and the drive to make that vision a reality.
  • Advertising Production Manager The production department is responsible for the physical creation of the ads either in-house or contracted through production houses. The production manager must establish and maintain relations with exterior advertising producers and to ensure the successful completion of the advertisement.
  • Market Research Analyst Market researchers figure out what drives people to buy products from cereal to cars. They are applied consumer behaviorists who combine quantitative data with market understanding. Market researchers use statistical analysis, surveys, mystery shopping, focus groups and new product tests to help achieve product success.

Marketing Program Outcome Data

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Marketing Co-op Spotlights

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