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Management Minor

A popular minor for business and non-business students, a minor in management can give you the breadth of skills needed to be a leader and rise to a managerial level in any organization.


Required Courses
Organizational Behavior
As an introductory course in managing and leading organizations, this course provides an overview of human behavior in organizations at the individual, group, and organizational level with an emphasis on enhancing organizational effectiveness. Topics include: individual differences, work teams, motivation, communication, leadership, conflict resolution, organizational culture, and organizational change.
Leadership in Organizations
This course will explore the character, personal attributes, and behaviors of effective leaders in organizations. The course includes an overview of leadership research, theory, and practice, with an emphasis on developing an actionable leadership development plan.
Choose three of the following:
   Cross-Cultural Management
   Global Entry and Competition Strategies
   Managerial Skills
   Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
   Digital Entrepreneurship
   Human Resource Management
   Applied Entrepreneurship and Commercialization
   Seminar in Management
   Field Experience in Business Consulting
   Strategy and Innovation