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Management Information Systems Minor

The management information systems minor is designed for students who wish to learn about computer-based information systems and how they are used in today's businesses. The minor enhances the career options of students in any major and increases their capacity to analyze, design, and manage business processes related to their program of study.


Required Course
Systems Analysis and Design
Successful organizations utilize a systematic approach to solve real-world business problems through the use of computing resources. Students who complete this course will be able to design and model business processes. They will learn how to conduct requirements analysis, approach the design or redesign of business processes, model system functions, effectively communicate systems designs to various levels of management, work in a project-based environment, and approach the implementation of a new organizational information system.
Choose four of the following:
   Accounting Information Systems
   Database Management Systems
   Developing Business Applications
   Building a Web Business
   Object-oriented Business Programming
   Database Systems Development
   Advanced Systems Analysis and Design
   Web Systems Development
   Enterprise Systems
   Seminar in MIS
   MIS Capstone