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What is International Business?

Immersion in another nation's culture, values, and business practices is the key to international business success. The international business degree at Saunders College offers students competencies in conducting business across national boundaries and diverse cultures. As a student in the International Business program, you will take courses oriented toward the global environment, including Regional Business Studies and Global Entry & Competitive Strategy. These courses are designed to put your understanding of business principles into a global context and comprehend the impact on the world’s business environment.








International Business Degree Co-op Spotlights

A successful product in one country does not guarantee success in another. At Saunders College, we teach our students what it really means to have a global business.

  • Alicia Imel, Southwest Airlines Co.
  • Alexander Kondulukov, Zwick
  • Logan Lugo, Soci-Link (Beijing)
  • Andre Joly, The Walt Disney Company
  • Kate Ferguson , Farm Credit Administration
  • Emma Chew, Southwest Airlines