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International Business Minor

By completing a minor in international business, you will benefit from learning the global view of worldwide markets and the role of business in these growing markets. The international business minor will broaden the learning experiences and professional opportunities for students by creating a second focus on the global business environment.


Required Courses
Global Business Environment
Being an informed global citizen requires an understanding of the global business environment. Organizations critical to the development of the global business environment include for-profit businesses, non-profits, governmental, non-governmental, and supranational agencies. This course introduces students to the interdependent relationships between organizations and the global business environment. A holistic approach is used to examine the diverse economic, political, legal, cultural, and financial systems that influence both organizations and the global business environment.
Regional Business Studies
An introduction to the most important and the fast growing economic entities to the students such as the European Union, China, India, and Brazil. The course introduces the idiosyncratic competitive environment in these major economies, the unique business models of the local ventures, and the business opportunities and the hidden risks in these markets. The course will also develop students with the necessary knowledge base and skills to compete with and in these major economies.
Choose three of the following:
   Finance in the Global Environment
   Principles of Marketing
   Cross-Cultural Management
   Global Marketing
   Seminar in International Business
   Global Entry and Competition Strategies