What is Finance?

For those that are not familiar, you may ask, what is finance? Finance is more than tracking a budget. It is the science and art of managing cash flows, risk, and ultimately, value. Finance functions include corporate finance, budgeting, investment management, risk management and valuation. Financial expertise determines the optimal management of money and the generation of value for clients.








Finance Co-op Spotlights

As a finance major, students go beyond making a budget; they learn how to analyze a budget to determine opportunities to save or identify the best investment option.

  • Zuhair Siddique, KPMG
  • Donald Palma
    Donald Palma, Jean A, Black, CPA
  • Tiffany Torres
    Tiffany Torres, Paychex
  • Jackson Wikstrom
    Jackson Wikstrom, Federal Home Loan Banks, Office of Finance
  • Salvatore-Fabozzi
    Salvatore Fabozzi, M&T Bank
  • Leann-Hochadel
    Leann Hochadel, Freshop Inc.
  • Matthew Collins
    Matthew Collins, Mantione Financial
  • Adit Shetty
    Adit Shetty, Kohlberg, Kravis & Roberts & Co. (KKR)
  • Daniel Pérez Gil
    Daniel Pérez Gil, Kohlberg, Kravis & Roberts & Co.
  • Alexander-Noonan
    Alexander Noonan, Amazon
  • Matt Miller, Alliance Advisory Group