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Finance Minor

The finance minor helps you create value in any type of business organization. The minor broadens your learning experiences and professional opportunities by focusing on corporate finance and investment topics in more depth. This minor is closed to students majoring in finance.


Required Courses
Financial Accounting
An introduction to the way in which corporations report their financial performance to interested stakeholders such as investors and creditors. Coverage of the accounting cycle, generally accepted accounting principles, and analytical tools help students become informed users of financial statements.
Financial Management
Basic course in financial management. Covers business organization, time value of money, valuation of securities, capital budgeting decision rules, risk-return relation, Capital Asset Pricing Model, financial ratios, global finance and working capital management.
Choose three of the following:
   Personal Financial Management
   Financial Management II
   Financing New Ventures
   Financial Institutions and Markets
   Intermediate Investments
   Finance in a Global Environment
   Advanced Corporate Financial Planning
   Financial Analysis and Modeling
   Introduction to Options and Futures
   Seminar in Finance