Student Life

Saunders College has a lot to offer outside of the classroom, from student run clubs and organizations, to professional resources from institutional partners. As one of the largest undergraduate programs at Saunders, accounting students are actively involved in countless activities.

Next Generation of Accountants

The Next Generation of Accountants club seeks to enhance the Accounting curriculum at RIT for all interested students and is a Saunders College of Business recognized organization. NGA is a professional group for students within the College of Business who are looking to complement their in-class instruction with out-of-class activities. NGA provides you with resources to explore opportunities, learn about the profession, and network with people in the field.

Thinking of becoming a CPA?

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Alumni Connection

Graduate from the Accounting Program at Saunders College of Business?

We want to connect with you. Visit the Office of Cooperative Education or visit our alumni relations page for events, news, and network opportunities.

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