Welcome! Saunders College of Business supports everything that you and your Chapter members are learning about in Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!).

We are excited to sponsor YEA! We invite you to take advantage of the student resources we have made available for YEA! students. We hope to see you on campus one day soon. Until then we invite you to visit us online and explore our Saunders College view book, undergraduate programs, co-op opportunities and student success stories so you can discover all that Saunders can offer.

YEA! Teachers & Advisors

Saunders College of Business is excited to support YEA! Please consider making use of these teachers and advisors resources that we can offer to support you and your YEA! students.

YEA! Saunders Challenge Competition Finals

Saunders College is a proud partner of YEA! and is excited to host the 13th Annual YEA! Saunders Challenge Competition. We have enjoyed our partnership where we collectively support the vision of E. Philip Saunders, whose support serves as a powerful acknowledgment that Saunders and YEA! distinctly share the tradition and qualities he values as a successful businessman and serial entrepreneur. We are thrilled to welcome all participating students, family members, judges and spectators from across the country as students compete for the opportunity to win the finals competition!

For event details and a welcome from Saunders College Dean Dr. Jacqueline R. Mozrall, please visit the YEA! Saunders Challenge Event page.

YEA! Saunders Challenge Competition at RIT Photo Galleries

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