Welcome DECA Members

Welcome! Saunders College of Business supports everything that you and your club members are learning about in DECA, including business, entrepreneurship, hospitality, marketing and much more. Since 2011, Saunders has been proud sponsors of DECA. Our partnership has taken off ever since. We continue to find more ways to support DECA as we grow together, including establishing more initiatives at the regional level. Below are a few examples. We would love to hear from you about how we can support your academic business activities.

We invite you to take advantage of the student resources and we hope to see you on campus one day. Until then, we invite you to visit us online and explore our undergraduate programs, co-op opportunities and student success stories so you can discover all that Saunders has to offer.

Inquire and Get FREE Saunders Gear

DECA students! Get a jump start on your college planning - inquire about business programs at Saunders College today! Not only will we send you FREE Saunders gear, but you will also receive valuable information about business programs to help you select the degree option that is right for you.

$1,000 Saunders College DECA Scholarship

DECA high school students are encouraged to apply to Saunders and be considered for our $1,000 Saunders College DECA Scholarship. Students must be accepted into Saunders College of Business for consideration and include their DECA participation in their application details.

DECA Power Conference VR Headset Giveaway

Students attending this year's DECA Power Trip Conference may submit an inquiry to learn more about our undergraduate business programs to be entered to receive one VR Headset. Click here to visit the inquiry form.

DECA Teachers & Advisors

Saunders College of Business is excited to support DECA advisors, which is why we have put together teacher and advisor resources to support you and your DECA students. Inquire about classroom resources and we would be happy to send Saunders materials directly to you.

Hosting the DECA Region 10 Conference at RIT

Since 2017, Saunders College has hosted the New York Region 10 DECA Competition. Each year we host over 600 participants, family members and volunteers. Stay tuned for information on the upcoming conference. We look forward to hosting the Region 10 Conference in 2021!

Saunders DECA Regional Challenge

Starting in 2015, Saunders College launched its first regional Saunders DECA Challenge to region 10 DECA chapters. The Challenge was created to provide DECA Chapters the ability to compete for cash prizes to support their travel needs and costs for purchasing DECA Jackets. For more details on how to participate, visit our Saunders DECA Regional Challenge page.

Attending DECA National Conferences

We look forward to attending DECA conferences as exhibitors and as volunteer judges. Stop by our booth to say hello to our representatives, learn more about Saunders College programs, and signup to be entered for our giveaway.

Collegiate DECA Chapter

Since the beginning of our DECA partnership, there has been growing interest in starting a DECA Collegiate Chapter, which was established in the fall of 2015. Now in its second year, Saunders College DECA members are planning to participate in their first DECA competition. Interest continues to grow, and the club offers members like yourself a very familiar platform to continue your participation and experience DECA benefits long beyond your high school graduation. See the Saunders Clubs webpages for more details on the DECA Collegiate Chapter at Saunders and other student clubs.

Partner Programs