Welcome Parents, Families, and Guardians

Rochester Institute of Technology provides many resources for you, the support network for your prospective and current students on the Parents & Family Programs web pages. Find email contacts dedicated for parents and families on the Facebook Parents page, along with other resources.

Located at the center of a university with rich traditions in technology and innovation, Saunders College give students unparalleled access to STEaM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) disciplines through a powerful minors program that includes over 100 minors across the nine RIT colleges. At the same time Saunders delivers a small community environment where faculty get to know their students personally and students get a team dedicated advisors including: academic, faculty and career services advisors; plus, dedicated liaisons for library and financial services. Even our namesake, E. Philip Saunders, a living donor, makes frequent appearances at Saunders events.

We are here to help. You will find many resources available to help you and your college bound child on your way, including opportunities and events to visit us and experience Saunders College first hand.

When in doubt please inquire today or contact us so we can answer your questions, and help you find your way to deciding your best path forward in selecting a college and ultimately a career.

Teachers & Advisors

Saunders College of Business is excited to support the academic business activities in your student's school. Please consider asking your student's business teachers and advisors to make use of these teachers and advisors resources to support their school and classmates.