Flexible Options

Minors, immersions, and double majors allow you to customize your degree and pursue your interests

As a Saunders undergraduate, you can add depth to your education by adding a minor or immersion in one of the numerous options available across the nine RIT colleges. You may choose to pursue options in business, liberal arts, mathematics, computer science or more. In addition, you may work with your advisor to create a flexible double major program with Saunders College. You may combine any two undergraduate business majors, such as Management and Finance or MIS and Accounting, allowing you to complete two majors in as little as four years.

Double Majors

At RIT, a double major is a program of study that meets the requirements of two distinct majors in a single Bachelor’s degree. Drawing upon the University’s mission to foster interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary focus, Saunders College offers the opportunity for you to learn beyond the skills and education requirements for a single degree and challenge yourself with a rigorous double major that can enhance your breadth of skills.

With a double major at RIT, you will need to complete two sets of degree requirements. Upon completion, you will be awarded a diploma that acknowledges both majors.

Saunders College Double Majors

Within Saunders, you may select any one of the undergraduate degree programs to complement your primary major. You will graduate with multiple business skill sets and competencies, and will be highly sought after in the job market.

In order to complete the degree requirements in as little as four years, you must begin taking courses in each of the degree programs as early as your third semester. Work with your academic advisor to plan your schedule and map out the courses you want to take.

Double Majoring Outside of Saunders

Pursue your passions outside of business. By working with your advisor, you can determine a pathway to complete a double major in business and one of RIT’s undergraduate degree programs outside of the College of Business. You will need to complete all the program requirements for each program, which may extend your academic career at RIT. Speaking with your academic advisor about your career goals and interests. Additional graduate options may be available if you’d like to pursue a degree in business without extended your undergraduate course load.

Minors at RIT

A minor at RIT is a related set of academic courses leading to a formal designation on a student's baccalaureate transcript. With a minor, you can broaden your college education and deepen your studies in an area of interest outside of your academic major. There are two main reasons why to declare a minor:

  • To explore something new: If you have a subject you’d LOVE to explore, a minor can be a great way to do this. Rather than just having a few classes under your belt, you can officially “declare” and have your minor added onto your degree when you graduate.

  • To get a leg up: A minor can look great on your resume and provide an additional skill set that may put you ahead of competitors.

Business Minors at Saunders

A minor may be related to and complement a your major, or it may be in a completely different academic/professional area of your interest. Selecting a minor in Saunders College can complement your degree by giving you the necessary business skills to succeed in any workplace. With a business minor, you will understand how a business operates, increase your abilities and gain a new perspective. In most cases, minors shall consist of a minimum of two upper division courses to provide reasonable breadth and depth within the minor.

Check out the full list of Saunders minors.

Saunders students: contact your advisor to discuss your interests in pursuing a minor.