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On our way!

The four of us are on our way to D.C.! We are looking forward to meeting our two other team members once we arrive to D.C. They're coming from Cleveland and Arizona. Once we arrive we will get settled into the hotel and begin practicing for our presentation on Monday!

Jason Benagh - Executive MBA Trip to Dubai

Overall, the experience was magnificent. The exposure to business in Dubai both small and large was fascinating. I have toured other countries and even participated in a trade mission to Egypt for a printing convention. I had been in free zones then, but I had no comprehension of what exactly that meant for me as a buyer or for the companies located there.  This is a testament to both the trip itself, and the program as a whole. The added benefit of this trip was to spend time with the cohort that had met in person only once before. I know there will be lifelong friendships from this program, and I look forward to working with my classmates in the future. 

Honors students go to Chicago!

Studiranje u Hrvatskoj - Studying Abroad in Croatia

Take a perfect coastal town and put it between the sea and a mountain. Now add steps. Lots of them, and there you have Dubrovnik. At first the people can seem kind of off-putting, especially if you arrive at the end of tourist season just because it is the end of the season and everyone wants all these strangers to leave and not come back for a while. Being here In Dubrovnik from September to December allows one to see the change of the city itself from a popular tourist destination to an empty town with only the locals to keep you company.

My First Week in Paris, La Ville-Lumière

It is hard to believe that my first full week in Paris has come to an end. I am at a loss of words for how much beauty I have experienced in just 7 days. My week has consisted of nothing but good company, getting lost, testing new limits, indulging in good food, and having my mind blown.

Tokyo, Japan

This past Spring I studied abroad in Tokyo, Japan. I studied through one of the programs associated with RIT called CIEE. My overall experience was just awesome to simplify things. However, while abroad I not only went through culture shock but experienced cultural differences and a language barrier that I had to pick up on, and more. I studied a little Japanese before going but honestly wish I had studied before. Fortunately they had a placement test we had to take before classes started, and was placed in the correct level.

Footsteps Through the Adriatic: Summer 2015

Saunders College of Business students embarked on yet another study abroad trip this summer to Croatia and Dubrovnik! Earning six credits in just four weeks,students explored the Adriatic cities while learning about ecotourism, sustainability, small business enterprises and more, all at the local level. Happy travels!

Footsteps Group

Saunders Honors students take NYC

For spring break this year, Honors students from Saunders College of Business traveled out to New York City to experience the world of business in one of the largest cities in the world!  So far, the group has made stops at the Statue of Liberty, FAO Schwarz, and even the set of Good Morning America.

EMBA International Business trip to Vietnam

Note: Our Executive MBA classes (online and on-campus) were in Vietnam from October 18th-25th, 2014 for their international trip.

The online Executive MBA Program will be hosting an online information session on November 12th – 12PM EDT. This 30 minute session will feature a faculty member and current student in the program discussing business visits, cultural excursions and projects that students experienced during this international trip. 

EMBA International Business trip to Vietnam:

Ho Chi Minh City-Day Six Part Two

Note: Our Executive MBA classes (online and on-campus) are in Vietnam from October 18th-25th for their international trip and will be blogging periodically.