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MBA & Graduate Admissions

Saunders College seeks students like you that are positioned for success and meet our application qualifications. Saunders carefully designs its application process, admissions requirements, and degree-specific admissions criteria for students like you who show high potential to achieve personal and professional success.

Apply today to get your quick admission decision, discover and access our generous financial aid options, and join our global network of Saunders College graduates who experience a 94% outcomes rate.

Start Now, Apply Later!

Start today, apply later! This allows qualifying students to take up to two graduate business courses before starting a full application or taking the GMAT or GRE test. Please refer to our Non-degree Enrollment Request Form for details on these requirements, and for how to access the form.

RIT Undergraduates Request to take Saunders Graduate Courses

Saunders is committed to supporting cross-disciplinary educational opportunities for all students at RIT. In order to maintain the rigor and culture of our Saunders graduate courses, there are specific eligibility requirements for students interested in requesting enrollment into one of our approved courses. Please work with your current academic advisor to complete the Graduate Course Registration Request Form. Students must work closely with their Primary Academic Advisors to ensure that they meet all the criteria and understand the academic expectations of a graduate course before enrolling.