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What is management?

Industries around the world are in need of decision-makers and problem-solvers. Fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations alike are in need of strategic managers. Management is the process of ensuring that a company is able to operate in both the immediate and near future, by making decisions that will impact an organization on every level. These decisions range from hiring a new employee to taking a company public. Management is not an easy field, and good managers are highly sought after. Our management program focuses on the critical competencies and interpersonal skills needed to be a successful change-agent in any organization.

High-Performance Leaders for Successful Organizations

Saunders College management students are exposed to many facets of management, from the ability to motivate peers, to communicating with others and leading a team – essential skills for good managers. Our program builds a T-shaped professional; who are characterized by a deep disciplinary knowledge and an understanding of the professional and personal skills that cross that transcend disciplines.

  • Strong emphasis on design thinking woven throughout the curriculum, designed to give you an understanding of solution-based thinking
  • You can experience cross-cultural teamwork and management skills through virtual team projects with peers from partner universities and global campuses
  • We operate in a global business environment. Take the opportunity to seamlessly study abroad at one of our global campuses and experience working among different cultures and business practices
  • Two different concentrations allow for the opportunity to specialize in the field you choose
  • Faculty are active in research and industry practitioners bring the latest trends into the classroom
  • Saunders Management Club is interwoven with our DECA Collegiate chapter and provides opportunities to engage in DECA competitions and conferences
  • You are guaranteed real-world experience as a part of one of the oldest and largest cooperative education programs
  • New advisory board guides curriculum expansion and forecasts business trends

At the intersection of business and technology

Saunders College of Business, as a college within RIT, places an emphasis on technology and innovation in every program we offer. Saunders College teaches the cutting-edge accounting technologies and information systems, as only RIT can deliver, to help you stand out.

Management Co-op Spotlights

The Management program at Saunders College of Business educates students on the many facets of management; while also improving their ability to motivate their peers, communicate with others, and lead a team; all of which are essential skills for good managers.

  • Matt Donovan
    Matt Donovan, Wegmans Food Markets Inc.