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Business & Technology Professionals (BTP)

President: Simon Young Advisor: Professor Yang Yu

The MIS-focused student organization building a foundation of technical expertise and business professionalism to develop tomorrow's leaders.

Websites: BTP Club Page, BTP Facebook Page
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DECA Collegiate Chapter

Saunders College of Business is excited to announce the formation of DECA, a nationally certified business program designed to improve your leadership and entrepreneurial skills through educational conferences, competitions and partnerships -

This new club on campus is open to all majors and is a great way for students to connect with business professionals and make a difference. DECA has several opportunities to earn awards, scholarships and even travel across the country! So what are you waiting for? Join us today!

Websites: DECA @ RIT ClubDECA Collegiate Website
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Financial Management Association (FMA)

President: Alexander Bowen Advisor: Professor Hao Zhang

The Financial Management Association goal is to help students become more familiar with the world of finance. Students invest a real portfolio.

Website: Financial Management Association
To Join: Contact the FMA President by email: Alexander Bowen

Global Business Group

President: Benjamin Rice Advisors: Professor Joy Olabisi and Natalie Surace

We seek to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students to cultivate their own understanding of international business and global issues, learn and network with multinational organizations, and become the business leaders of tomorrow.

Website: Global Business Group
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Lowenthal Service Group

President: Jasmine Ulger Advisor: Clarissa Baston

The Lowenthal Service Group, a student volunteer and service group, is open to all students in the Saunders College. The students serve as ambassadors for the College in numerous events. The goal is to help students become active leaders and professionals in business.

Website: Lowenthal Service Group
To Join: Jasmine Ulger

Saunders Multicultural Business Association

President: Maria Tovar Advisor: Professor Joy Olabisi

The Saunders Multicultural Business Association is a club oriented towards networking and support for all students interested in business.

Websites: RIT SMBA Club PageSaunders Multicultural Business Association Website
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Facebook: Saunders Multicultural Business Association
Twitter: @RITSMBA

Women in Business

President: Sandy Wu Advisor: Professor Molly McGowan

RIT Women in Business (WIB) is dedicated to the success of women by providing the women of RIT an opportunity to advance their professional and personal development and join an encouraging community of aspiring and successful women. Through networking, educational events, and community service, WIB creates and strengthens skills in leadership, business, and relationship building.

Website: Women in Business
To Join: Email or join us on CampusGroups