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Highlighter paint, black lights and loud music combine to make the ultimate gaming experience. In collaboration with RIT's College Activities Board, the RIT KanJam club invites students to compete in the Black light KanJam Tournament, 4-9 p.m. Jan. 28 in Clark Gymnasium. Chris Tarantino serves as president of the club and enjoys playing the game in his free time.

Question: Where are you from?
Answer: I'm from Enfield, Conn. It's a town just south of Massachusetts.

Q: What brought you to RIT?
A: The extracurricular program played a huge role in my decision. I had a lot of varying interests, and RIT represented a good fit for them.

Q: What's something that most people wouldn't know about you when they first meet you?
A: Most people wouldn't know that I'm an emergency medical technician and firefighter. They usually don't find out until knowing me for a few days.

Q: What types of things are you involved in on campus?
A: I'm involved in a lot-I have three on-campus jobs, I work in the club center, I'm a student blogger for the E. Philip Saunders College of Business, I teach CPR and first aid. I am also a brother of a community-service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega, and am involved in RIT's Leadership Institute & Community Service Center.

Q: For those who may not know what the game is about, explain KanJam in one sentence.
A: It's a mix between Ultimate Frisbee and horseshoes: players have two trashcans and a Frisbee and each takes turns throwing and deflecting the Frisbee for points.

Q: Why should someone join the RIT KanJam club?
A: We have two distinct leagues-a recreational league for people who want to have fun or just learn the game, and a competitive league. Our club is growing every quarter with competitive tournaments where players can compete for prizes. We also offer wellness credit for those who are interested.

Q: What inspired you to bring KanJam to RIT?
A: I found out about the game and played it sporadically my freshman year. A lot of people were already playing KanJam on campus, so when I applied to be a "Jambassador" I felt the need to bring the club to RIT.

Q: When and where can people play the game?
A: We play 1-4 p.m. every other Saturday in court two in the Student Life Center. We also have a public Google Calendar with upcoming events.

Q: Aside from KanJam, what other sports are you interested in?
A: I was varsity captain of my high school's Ultimate Frisbee team. I still enjoy playing. I'm also a hockey fan.

Q: Any advice you would give to other RIT students?
A: Get involved and be passionate about what it is you're doing.

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