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Wednesday, June 6, 2018 - 3:14pm

Whether writing a paper or compiling research data, RIT students have access to a wide range of scholarly databases at their disposal. However, navigating these databases can be tricky at times. Luckily, Saunders College of Business has its very own specialized librarian to help students find just the right place to look.

Jennifer Freer, the Business Reference Librarian within RIT Libraries, has been helping students since 2003. With a Masters of Library Science from Queens College and an M.S. in Communication and Media Technologies from RIT, Freer is well versed in navigating libraries and databases for optimal use.

Before her time at RIT, Freer served as a Business Reference Librarian at The Conference Board, a non-profit research group in New York City dedicated to helping business leaders.

“My overall role here at the RIT Libraries is to be the library liaison to the Saunders College of Business and the subject specialist for the area of business,” Freer explains, adding that within this role lies many sub-roles, as well.

Freer is always looking out for Saunders College students, developing the library’s collections of books, periodicals and databases by recommending which resources to buy and lease. She analyzes the variety of classes taught, types of ongoing student projects, patron usage, research being conducted and changes in the information landscape to best recommend the most relevant materials for Saunders College students to utilize.

She also works as the liaison, assisting students in finding information they need, as well as helping them to understand how to correctly cite information and how to navigate various scholarly databases to find said information.

“In our library the liaisons to the colleges are also subject specialist librarians, the professionals shaping the collection and on the front lines of answering questions…” said Freer.

She believes RIT Libraries sets itself apart from the libraries found at other college campuses for this fact. Freer notes that at many other universities, these roles are filled by three different people. However, at RIT, they are a single position, allowing for a more thorough understanding of students’ needs and a higher efficiency in connecting them to the information.

Jennifer Freer serves Saunders College students, ensuring they have access to the best resources RIT can offer. Having been a business librarian for 23 years in both the corporate and academic worlds, students have access to a “highly informed and extremely experienced business information professional to help coach and guide them through their information seeking.”

Business Reference Librarian
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