(Kasey Mathews)
Thursday, May 3, 2018 - 3:40pm
graduation student delegates

Saunders College of Business has announced their 2017-2018 graduation student delegates. These delegates, recognized for their outstanding performance within the college, will represent Saunders College at the commencement ceremonies May 11-12.

The graduation delegates are Rosalie Phan and Tara Shedlosky, Ph.D.

Dean Mozrall stated, regarding Phan, “Her experience of taking a 'leap of faith' to come to RIT from Vietnam captures the leap of faith so many students take in leaving home to attend RIT.  The academic, personal, and professional growth that Rosalie experienced over the past four years at Saunders is inspirational. From day one, she dedicated herself to taking full advantage of everything RIT and Saunders College had to offer. Instead of doing the required two co-ops - Rosalie did four. As an international student, one might assume Rosalie would not see the added value of study abroad. Instead, she chose to take advantage of an opportunity to study in England and use that as her base to travel to 23 countries! Rosalie did not just decide to focus on her passion for MIS, but pushed herself even further to double major in economics and minor in finance.  Despite all of her outstanding accomplishments, she remains humble and thoughtful!”

When it comes to Shedlosky, Mozrall stated, “Tara is a PhD chemist, who had been working in a manufacturing environment.  The EMBA degree has given Tara new insights on the work she has done in quality management and manufacturing.  Her interactions with team members in the Online EMBA program were a paragon of collaboration.  She worked as hard, or harder, than most students while engaged in a demanding work situation - as plant manager of a local DuPont plant.  She made it clear that taking on the rigorous Saunders EMBA program, while working full time, was challenging.  She made it equally clear that it was worth it!  In short, she exemplifies the values that are important to SCB: collaboration, risk-taking, hard work, and belief in the power of business to do the right things.”

Both delegates have been exceptional students with multifaceted talents. They will lead the Class of 2018 in joining fellow renown alumni from Saunders College.