(Michelle Cometa)
Monday, April 9, 2018 - 4:31pm
REDCOM donates advanced telephony equipment to RIT's Telecommunications System Lab

REDCOM, a long-time partner of the telecommunications engineering technology program at Rochester Institute of Technology, recently donated its call control software, Sigma Core, to the university to provide students access to the latest technology being used for digital and IP-enabled telecommunications networks. The software and equipment was installed in the REDCOM Advanced Telecommunications System Laboratory, located in RIT's College of Applied Science and Technology.

The lab contains hardware and software commonly found in a telecommunication company's central office, and students learn through hands-on applications how to manage, program and troubleshoot the network systems prior to careers in the field. REDCOM's Sigma Core technology has been integrated into systems used by commercial carriers, utilities and emergency response and defense applications.

 "REDCOM and RIT are partners for the long haul," said REDCOM President and CEO Dinah Gueldenpfennig Weisberg. "Our contributions to the REDCOM Telecommunications System Lab at RIT will have a direct impact on students seeking a career in the world of telecom. We're committed to ensuring the lab has the latest resources available to help students stay current in this evolving industry."

Established in 2008, the REDCOM Advanced Telecommunications System Laboratory has grown to include advanced digital capabilities such as voiceover IP and virtual PBX capabilities. Students and faculty in telecommunications engineering technology use the lab to support coursework and research.

"The REDCOM Sigma Core platform gives the students in our telecommunications engineering graduate program the opportunity to develop IP switching applications and reduces the equipment footprint in our telecommunication lab," said Mark Indelicato, professor in the electrical, computer and telecommunications engineering technology department. "Though TDM switching still exists, IP and SIP-based technology have become the predominant platform going forward. REDCOM's Sigma Core software allows us to augment our curriculum to include modern network applications and software-based architectures for provisioning services."

About REDCOM - REDCOM specializes in the design and manufacture of innovative communications solutions with a focus on interoperability, reliability and security. Located in Victor, N.Y., REDCOM's global customer base includes commercial telecom carriers, private networks, integrators, and government and defense agencies.