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Monday, February 3, 2020 - 6:22pm
Make Industry Connections at Saunders

Making industry connections is a sure-fire way to advance your career. Being a student at Saunders means that you have the opportunity to interact with industry professionals on a daily basis. Get to know the people that give Saunders its cutting-edge reputation!

Distinguished Professors

Saunders faculty members have the real-world knowledge to help students gain applicable skills and maintain industry standards. Many of them are currently active in their field through research projects, which students have the opportunity to participate in when applicable. Their experiences help them to create relevant coursework that provides students with the knowledge they have absorbed through their business practices. Visit our faculty research and publications page to see the areas of expertise and research topics they are active in and sharing with their students.

Advisory Boards

Saunders Industry Advisory Boards are made up of industry professionals from our corporate partners that help ensure Saunders programs remain cutting-edge and in-demand for the companies they represent. Advisory Board Members also interact directly with students as they participate in mentorship programs, judge business competitions, and often present for Saunders’ expert speaker series.

Saunders Alumni

In Bloomberg Business Week’s study on colleges with the highest percent of alumni to start their own business, Saunders ranked #5 in the nation. Saunders alumni work at a variety of influential companies, some of which they started themselves! Connections with Saunders alumni are supported through social media and featured events. Donations and volunteer work from Saunders alumni help to support business students through their education and into their industry.

Co-op Companies

RIT has 3,400 hiring partners for their cooperative education program, including Apple, Bank of America, Cleveland Cavaliers, Deloitte and Touche, EY, Four Seasons, General Electric, Google, IBM, Southwest Airlines, Tesla… the list goes on!  Our students get hands-on experience and often make connections that will land them a job after college. 94% of co-op employers said they would hire their RIT co-op student for a full-time position.


The connections students create at Saunders allow them to graduate with job opportunities and industry knowledge. Apply to our program to become a part of an influential community that values cutting-edge practices and a commitment to the future of business!

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