Jill Emmighausen
Friday, July 27, 2018 - 9:13am
Dale Taysom

RIT alumnus Dale Taysom (’71, ’77) has a strong interest in helping students with backgrounds in business education and sustainability/STEM related fields.

Taysom’s passion for business is derived from his educational background, which began when he was among the last freshman class to attend the downtown RIT campus. He earned his undergraduate degree in Business Administration (‘71) and eventually began his career in the real estate investment business, where he would excel throughout his 35 year career.

During his early working years, Taysom also pursued his MBA at RIT and earned his degree in 1977. After receiving his MBA, Taysom joined Prudential Real Estate Investors (PREI) and remained there throughout his career. While at PREI, Taysom held various positions including Managing Director and Head of U.S. Transactions, Managing Director and Head of Global Transactions and finished his tenure as Global Chief Operating Officer, retiring five years ago.

Taysom recently created the Taysom Family Business Excellence Scholarship, a generous $100,000 gift, to support a Saunders MBA student whose undergraduate work focused on sustainability or other STEM related programs. Sustainability is important to Taysom and his family, and a particular focus of his eldest son whose academic studies led to an undergraduate and graduate degree in this field.

Taysom’s unique scholarship was created by combining his family’s interests and is specifically allocated to an MBA student who has done his or her undergraduate work in a sustainability- or STEM-related field. He understands the importance of a business degree for those who have a technical undergraduate skill set and did not want cost to be the reason why such a student might forego an advanced degree. By combining a technical degree with an MBA, Taysom believes it will create well-rounded professionals and hopes to continue the support for years to come through his family legacy.

Although Taysom resides in Atlanta, Ga., he has been motivated to stay involved with his educational roots because RIT gave him the opportunity to prepare for personal and professional success and he hopes all students have similar opportunities. “RIT not only provided me with a high-quality education, but as importantly, it gave me an environment to mature and gain a proper perspective on my future,” said Taysom. “My time at RIT allowed me to develop critical life skills necessary to become a better thinker, which is vital for everything we do.”

Taysom is extremely proud of RIT and the programs at Saunders College of Business and is amazed at how the programs have grown and achieved national recognition and rankings. “The students today are so intelligent and their accomplishments are very impressive. I’m proud to be part of the RIT legacy.”

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